About Me

Umair QuraeshiHi and welcome to my website! Let me share with you something about me. I’m Umair Quraeshi, a die-hard, dynamic, and highly resourceful Information Technology specialist [if I don’t say so myself ;-)], having extensive experience in system administration, networking, security, web-development, digital graphic designing, and a clear understanding of all functions required to realize company’s I.T vision.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, we shifted to UAE (United Arab Emirates) when I was around 2 years old. Have been bred and groomed in UAE, and have been well acquainted with the Middle East for the last three decades.

Gadgets and anything technology related fascinated me since childhood. I remember Commodore 64, ATARI, SEGA, handheld games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario. My first computer was the XT (courtesy of a friend), that used to boot with a 5’1/4″ floppy. It was the most fascinating device that propelled me towards becoming an IT professional. I keenly remember GW Basic, Fortran, 2D games and graphics.

Made a base in Pakistan, continued studies, certifications, started a professional career, worked on everything IT related; such as, software development, graphic designing, data centre establishment/management, deployment of security monitoring solutions, amongst other IT related infrastructure, like e-mail systems and Internet security.

After working on several projects; either freelance or under employment, the time came to broaden my horizon. Established a foundation for an entity that is focusing on providing quality solutions, to all kinds of issues through the use of technology.

Information Technology is what I am acquainted with most of my day. It’s something that stimulates the core of my professional being.

Through this website, I intend to post my personal insights and give updates on my activities, so hopefully you all will stay tuned and connected with me.