In order for your product to be truly successful, it needs to be wholistic. Check out this great talk by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki, author of Reality Check.

This is one of the reasons why I work on offering Web solutions which are truly complete, covering diverse market segments and demographics.

In the talk, Guy Kawasaki presents examples of some innovative products that are deep, intelligent, complete and elegant, though not so viable for the masses. See the talk and send in your comments. Would love to talk more on this topic!

Written by Umair Quraeshi
A dynamic and highly resourceful Information Technology specialist with extensive experience of system administration, networking, security, web-development, digital graphic designing, and a clear understanding of all functions required to realise company’s I.T vision. A competent strategist and problem solver, with an exemplary record of creating and managing innovative projects, completing on time and within budget. Goal focused, with superb numerical, analytical and research skills and thrives under pressure, adapting to new concepts with ease. A confident communicator and negotiator with excellent interpersonal skills; effortlessly engages with others to drive forward and optimize performance.