Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying “I never did it for the money.” In 2010, his total compensation was again $1, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

This is exactly what i have been taught by one of my Uncles (may he rest in peace), when i was starting off on my journey towards a career in technology. To this day i remember him making sure that i drilled this moto within me and to implement it throughout my career. He passed away a couple of years before i ventured into Bevy Solutions.

It is an everyday effort to align the mind in focusing on what really is the priority; providing beneficial, socially responsible,  customer-focused, and quality solutions to the people.

Another thing that my uncle had in common with Steve Jobs, was his perseverance towards achieving big dreams. I also remember him pushing me to always think POSITIVELY. It has truly changed the way we handle each project we venture into.

There is a Steve Jobs in each of our lives; be it our uncles, fathers, brothers, or even our inner self. The hardest part is to realize, accept, and start implementing the advice but it sure is worth it!

Written by Umair Quraeshi
A dynamic and highly resourceful Information Technology specialist with extensive experience of system administration, networking, security, web-development, digital graphic designing, and a clear understanding of all functions required to realise company’s I.T vision. A competent strategist and problem solver, with an exemplary record of creating and managing innovative projects, completing on time and within budget. Goal focused, with superb numerical, analytical and research skills and thrives under pressure, adapting to new concepts with ease. A confident communicator and negotiator with excellent interpersonal skills; effortlessly engages with others to drive forward and optimize performance.