the day i found the one .. xbox one
The day the world of Messi, Sgt. Daniel Recker, Lara Croft, and the likes opened up to me was the day i found the One….. my Xbox One.

I’ve always been passionate about the Xbox console than the PlayStation, even though I have nothing against PlayStation nor is it a lesser console than Xbox; it’s just been a matter of personal preference.

With Xbox One, Microsoft upped their eminence. I love the fact that now I can simply download games and run them off the Xbox console…. No more DVDs and worrying about scratches.

My Xbox Gamertag - Spiranthes

My Xbox Gamertag – Spiranthes

The games quality is becoming beautiful, realistic, and just exquisite by the day, but that adds to the games sizes. Some games are now around 30GB, 40GB, if not more. Nonetheless, Xbox One has made it very easy to increase your storage by simply connecting a good external USB drive to one of its 3 USB 3.0 ports. I’ve opted for the Western Digital’s MyBook 3TB drive; you won’t even feel the difference in speed of installation nor gameplay.

Microsoft has made Xbox Live much better as well. I got the Gold Membership and am loving the Games with Gold and Deals with Gold features.

Finally, I’m looking forward to Microsoft’s Xbox backward compatibility feature where I can play Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One console.

Let the games begin!!!!

Written by Umair Quraeshi
A dynamic and highly resourceful Information Technology specialist with extensive experience of system administration, networking, security, web-development, digital graphic designing, and a clear understanding of all functions required to realise company’s I.T vision. A competent strategist and problem solver, with an exemplary record of creating and managing innovative projects, completing on time and within budget. Goal focused, with superb numerical, analytical and research skills and thrives under pressure, adapting to new concepts with ease. A confident communicator and negotiator with excellent interpersonal skills; effortlessly engages with others to drive forward and optimize performance.