Hi, I'm Umair Quraeshi

A Technology Consultant, Advisor, and Entrepreneur

For more than decade, I've been working with companies of all sizes, startups, and entrepreneurs, as a team-member, consultant and advisor, to help them build a bridge between their tech and non-tech structures.
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The mix of corporate and entrepreneurial worlds

With a background in development, entrepreneurship, and as a CTO, I’ve seen technology from both ends; the ‘dance floor’ and at management level; the ‘balcony’.

After spending my initial years in the corporate financial world, handling the IT administration and operations, I decided to broaden my horizon and take a leap of faith in entrepreneurship. So along-with my brother, we founded Bevy Solutions that has been providing technology solutions to businesses globally, from business process automation, to quality graphic and corporate identity designing, application development, and all that with a considerable competitive pricing edge. This certainly has set Bevy apart from the rest. Check out my blog post “Short Memoir of an Entrepreneur”.

But I’ve stayed in touch with the corporate world as well, and alongside the startup initiatives of Bevy Solutions, Bevy Technologies, and Bevy Hosting, I’ve been the Head of I.T Infrastructure at renowned local financial institution, and currently am the Head of (Group) I.T Operations at a national multi-business Group Company.

Experiencing both the worlds has given me an edge, especially in the contractual negotiations, and strategy formulation. That is why I decided from early on, to always assist businesses of all types and sizes in building, implementing, and growing through the integration of most apt technology structure, not the most feasible one, albeit, it’s always more beneficial if the feasibility part is also achieved. You will enjoy reading my post on “Everything is Achievable through Technology”.

It’s also taught me that most businesses may not need a full time CIO/CTO for their business, but having someone with that experience to reach out to can save you from making costly mistakes.

Let's work together

My method is simple

First I engross myself in understanding your existing business, objective, operational processes, your people, and most importantly, your business culture.

I then conduct the Gap-Analysis report that showcases your pain-points, issues, and hurdles.

Next, I continuously interact with you and consequently devise the technology strategy and plan that is in-line with your business objective. The plan helps you to ensure you utilize your resource to the optimum for the best productivity outcome. Automation and Digitization being the key deliverable.

It’s then time to implement, manage the project, monitor, and tweak the actions laid in the strategy/plan. This is where I ensure the best possible collaboration between your team players, and ensure the modus operandi is adhering to our technology strategy.

Last, but not the least, I empower you to remain competitive and have a much better grasp on your technology structure and resources than previously.

I then bid adieu ……………. Unless you put out the Bat-Signal again!

My skillset

What am I good at you ask?

I have always believed in learning about each different facet of the IT realm; which I why I have been blessed to have skills in the following areas and technologies:

Web Front/Backend Development
IT Startups and Strategy
Relationship building
Digital Graphic Designing
IT Infrastructure and Operations
Team Building and Leadership
Projects Management
3D objects and modelling
Business process re-engineering
IT Automation and Digitization
Vendor negotiations
Better productivity means better revenue for your business

Let's transform your I.T and impact your increase in productivity.

Are you ready?
“Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.” - Albert Einstein

My achievements, so far

Technology Infrastructure
T24 Core Banking Infrastructure Readiness. AIX/DB2 infrastructure with redundancy at network, storage, and application (PowerHA) layers. Also involved F5 Big-IP Load Balancer deployment for T24 infrastructure within the migration project.
Web proxy replacement project: Headed the Bankwide enterprise-level Web Proxy replacement from defunt Microsoft TMG onto Sophos XG Firwall. Led the research and assessment of multiple top industry proxy solutions and assisted in concluding the best option for Soneri Bank.
Annual cost saving of more than US$ 175,000/- in OPEX as a result of strong negotiations with major telecom service providers for bandwidth increase to nearly double without any tariff increase.
End-point Protection project: Headed and delivered the Kaspersky Endpoint Protection project within deadline. From Core setup, to the 3000 agents’ deployment, a meticulously handled project having bandwidth constraints of remote area branches.
Departmental Automation: Instilled automation within Soneri Bank’s IT Infrastructure department by heading the implementation of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Operations Manager, and Service Manager (Incident Management)
Nationwide IPSec deployment project: Headed the project that was completed within just 3.5 months, spanning from the Core firewall to almost 265 branch nodes IPSec setup, IOS upgrades, and configuration.
IT Security Deliverables
Conducted comprehensive gap-analysis of Data-Center and Network infrastructure to highlight the security risk areas, and implemented mitigation and resolution, in quick turnaround time, for a local renowned Bank.
Orchestrated the dispersed Camera Security infrastructure at a local Bank, into a Centralized model, by implementing Dark Core Fiber to the core data-center.
Initiated and conducted a massive bankwide branch-level defunt router and switches replacement, that were a serious cause of security concern. Completely led this approx. PKR 30Mil project.
Thoroughly assessed BeyondTrust, IBM PIM, and Krontech solutions to shortlist the best solution for a national Bank’s identity management solution requirement.
Founded a startup technology business in 2009, that aimed to offer technology enabled solutions with a vision and thirst to excel against all odds. Since the inception, the business has established itself as a sound technology & infrastructure service provider in the market, with global clientele ranging from Financial Institutions to Pharmaceuticals, Sports, and Textile.
Successfully directed the development and implementation of Cloud strategy and approach for multiple global clients.
Achieved 100+ global clientele, in span of just 8 years, while created proprietary I.T products portfolio.
Developed Partnerships & Affiliations with industry leaders. Became Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Cloud Partner, Microsoft Small Business Specialists, Spectorsoft authorized resellership, Exclaimer authorized resellership, GFI authorized resellership, Microsoft BizSpark alumni
``Bevy Solutions are quite reasonable in their project cost estimations and sometime will go out of their way to help a client in achieving its objectives for no extra money. We have no problem in recommending them to new and prospective clients and will also use their services if any new project comes up in future. We sincerely wish Bevy Solutions success in their future business deals.``
Hasan Aziz Pasha
, General Manager
Last but not the least...

I am a gaming fanatic.

Gaming has fascinated me since childhood. I remember Commodore 64, ATARI, SEGA, handheld games like Donkey Kong, Super Mario, and now my Xbox One. I have followed the gaming industry quite religiously. It's the bigger releases that excite me, like Hitman series, Battlefield, COD, NFS, Fifa, Halo, MGS, and many many more titles. I have been recording gameplays for a while now, and sharing on my YouTube Channel.

Get to know more about my gamer personality through my gaming blog posts.

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