Saw Iron Man 2 and what caught my attention, besides some wonderful visual effects, was the quote “Everything is achievable through technology” (Howard Stark).

The belief that anything and everything can be achieved through technology, is the basis of us, technology enabled solution providers. We tend to analyse the issues, and provide a solution that utlises technology in one way or the other.

If we take a moment and look around us, we would realise how important technology has become in our daily lives. Better communication, better transportation, better entertainment, better comforts….. technology is now embedded in all aspects of our lives. It has provided us with a multitude of choices, for a better life.

Although the impact technology has on our lives is extremely wonderful, we must not forget the impact that it has (to some degree) on the environment, and neither should we forget that technology must be used for a positive cause. There has to be moderation in everything we do, and must always consider the negative impacts on the self and community as a whole.

Better killing machines is not the solution for any issue.