Steve Jobs has been quoted as saying “I never did it for the money.” In 2010, his total compensation was again $1, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

This is exactly what i have been taught by one of my Uncles (may he rest in peace), when i was starting off on my journey towards a career in technology. To this day i remember him making sure that i drilled this moto within me and to implement it throughout my career. He passed away a couple of years before i ventured into Bevy Solutions.

It is an everyday effort to align the mind in focusing on what really is the priority; providing beneficial, socially responsible,  customer-focused, and quality solutions to the people.

Another thing that my uncle had in common with Steve Jobs, was his perseverance towards achieving big dreams. I also remember him pushing me to always think POSITIVELY. It has truly changed the way we handle each project we venture into.

There is a Steve Jobs in each of our lives; be it our uncles, fathers, brothers, or even our inner self. The hardest part is to realize, accept, and start implementing the advice but it sure is worth it!