Your business needs an experienced IT consultant

Through experience, I'm able to analyze and evaluate your IT infrastructure, understand your business needs, and design the most apt technology to meet your objectives.
I'm tech-centric and vendor agnostic, hence my advisory is independent and geared to your specific needs.
Amplifying your Business Efficiency through Technology

My consultancy services will help resolve your business technology issues

IT Strategy

I develop new tech agenda and roadmaps, or can adjust existing one, to a changing business strategy

IT Security

I help you choose and integrate security solutions and policies that are right for your business

Technology Transformation

I can assess, transform, and overhaul your IT structure to improve overall efficiency and delivery

Risk and Compliance

My thorough assessment of your IT structure will help identify risks and compliance gaps, and offer mitigants

IT Governance

I help implement the IT governance framework to ensure your IT and business strategies are in alignment

Project Management

I undertake your IT Projects to deliver success through proven project management methodology

I strongly believe in empowering your business with technology

My consulting and advisory is founded on the belief that every investment in technology should amplify the benefits for end-customers, whether through better experiences, higher product quality, or operating efficiencies that reduce prices and add value.

I specialize in:

IT Operations


IT Projects






IT Security


IT Compliance




IT Risk


IT Businesses




My process is very simple

I keep the process simple, while collaborating continuously with you to get the best results keeping in view your business objectives.

I study your existing technology infrastructure, identify gaps in processes, procedures, workflows, and the overall technology state.
I create a plan to help you in building a clear business strategy, set goals, and devise KPIs. The plan is actionable, feasible, and tailored to your needs.
I play a key role in the execution of your strategic plan, and provide expertise where needed, to augment select initiatives as desired.
I evaluate the transformed operations and KPIs, to ensure the strategy is resulting in the desired outcomes, and adjust the strategy as necessary.

Get an assessment done of your technology structure

My recommendations

"I have worked with Umair and learnt a lot, he is very talented and passionate about technology, obsessed with getting things right and thrives on solving complex problems. He is very good leader and also a team player. Umair is a proactive, knowledge and data driven individual who is able to work in collaboration with others. With a strong information technology background he was excellent in providing support for the implementation, troubleshooting and maintenance of Information Technology systems. Last but not the least he is very good at research new technologies and tools."
Shahzad Burfat
, RVP Unit Head ADC
"You have shown a combination of professionalism, sincerity and patience which is missing in our corporate world here in Australia and for this you and your team are to be commended."
Chaaban Omran
, Senior Business Analyst
"Umair has to be one of the best web-developers and digital specialists I've ever worked with. He's dedicated, methodical, thorough, fast and offers great service. He and his team have worked endless hours and spent many a late night to complete our numerous projects, both major and minor, ensuring each and every one of our requirements and requests were met to perfection and in a timely manner. I cannot recommend the services of Umair and Bevy Solutions enough - they are absolutely world class and I look forward to using their services long into the future."
Jamel Rathborne
, Chief Marketing Consultant at Borne Creative

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My highly secure, highly available technology platform consultancy will support your business operations, and provide you with a competitive edge

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